2016 Start With Stoli调酒师培训计划正式启动 | 2016 Start With Stoli BeginsDATE:2016-06-06

Start With Stoli®调酒师培训平台始于2013年,Stoli伏特加旨在通过这一全球性平台培养调酒人才,为专业调酒师提供知识、工具和支持,帮助他们最好地成长。


Start With Stoli®, a concept initiated by Stolichnaya® Vodka globally in 2013, is dedicated to fostering bartending talent by making available the knowledge, tools and support to help any dedicated bartender become the best that they can be.


自2013年该培训计划在全球启动,Stoli中国为 Start with Stoli®调酒师培训计划打造了具有适应中国市场的教育培训项目。为希望提升自己的年轻专业调酒师提供了一个十分难得的学习机会,他们不但能够得到行业大师的培训和指导,还将在这个专业平台上获得学习、分享和进步的宝贵机会。继2014年在上海启动,又在去年转战北京,Start with Stoli®以其独具创意的项目环节设计、丰富精彩的培训、实战内容,已经在业内获得充分认可并得到大力支持。


Since its launch in 2013, Stoli China has created an innovative China-specific educational program through Start with Stoli® Bartenders Educational Program. It offers young, devoted bartenders the opportunity to advance their careers via training and guidance from industry masters alongside valuable opportunities to learn, share and improve within a professional platform. Since the kick-off in Shanghai in 2014, program then moved on to Beijing last year, Start with Stoli® has obtained full approval and support from the trade with its innovative program design, enriching training and practical combats.

今年,第三届Start with Stoli®调酒师培训计划将移师广州,并在本月底开始为期两个月的学习之旅。四位业内顶尖大师将帮助他们的学员通过一系列培训和挑战,达成最大最长足的进步。今年的项目更将为每个团队扩招学员,增加至每队六个名额,给更多年轻调酒师参与学习的机会。


This year, Start with Stoli® enters its third year and is officially kicking off a two-month journey of learning in Guangzhou at the end of this month. Four trade masters will help their students achieve the best through a series of trainings and tasks. The program this year will also increase the number of students for each group to six places, giving more young bartenders opportunities to join and learn.



Bartenders who wish to join the program may simply submit their recipe of a Stoli cocktail creation via email. Mentors will go through a Blind Selection to decide who their students. Following is a four-week training session, where mentors this year will bring to the program four topics which they believe to be important to bartending and a career as a bartender. One student from each group that excels at all tasks throughout the program will be selected after a series of evaluation by the mentor to compete at the final competition and win a trip to Europe.

今年的Start with Stoli®调酒师培训计划将于5月27日正式启动。关注Stoli伏特加官方微信,了解如何参与,并获取项目最新资讯。Start with Stoli®期待你的参与,很快见!


Start with Stoli® will kick off this year’s program on May 27. Follow Stoli on Wechat to find out how to participate and to receive more updates from the program. Start with Stoli, start now!

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