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Omi-Tough Point
With an international creative team and national channel partners, the brand is operated in a diversified and multi-contact way.
So far we own the high quality beverage brand "Tao Ti", and we also successfully partner with the following brands: Yellow Tail, Peter Lehmann, Angelfish, Dalmore, Jura, Jagermeister, etc.
Target Marketing
At present, we have been acting as the partner of well-known brands in Europe, America, Australia and Japan. We are looking forward to introducing more brands that can improve consumers life in the future.
With more than 10 years of deep insight of the Chinese market, we can develop more accurate brand marketing positioning, create the best sales strategy, marketing promotion activities, marketing strategies of distribution partners of various channels for brands and products, expand market visibility, and create high growth marketing benefits.
Our direct sales network with offline key account retailers and online e-commerce enable consumers to purchase products quickly and safely and enhance their high loyalty to the brand.
Reach Target audience more Effectively.
In addition to international operation team, Our wholesaler system (comprising regional wholesalers and dealers), online direct sales customers, and online store operated by us or by e-commerce service providers allow us to get more brand exposure in order to achieve stable sales growth, make the product spread in each channels, such as: hotels, restaurants, clubs channel, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and e-commerce platforms.
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